I’ve not practiced yoga for very long, is this training right for me?

It is recommended that you have practiced long enough to know that you are serious about learning yoga at an in depth level. Both the immersion and the training are a big investment of your time, money and energy so it’s important that you are sure this is what you would like to do. It is recommended that you have at least 2-3 years of vinyasa experience to make sure you are not still in the honeymoon phase with your practice. Please check out Steph’s youtube channel and do the videos there. These are basic, foundational videos so they will give you an idea of the minimum requirement.


I have a lot of experience practicing yoga, or teaching yoga,  is this training right for me?

Yes! Please be aware this a foundation training and will be delivered to the level of new teachers. If you are already teaching yoga and want to learn how to teach vinyasa you are welcome on this training, however please be considerate that most people attending will have never taught yoga before. 


I don’t have a lot of experience with vinyasa yoga specifically, should I be doing a vinyasa yoga teacher training?

It is recommended that you are aware of what vinyasa yoga is so you know what you will be learning to teach, or immersed in for many hours. Please check out some of my free videos on youtube to make sure you like my vinyasa style.


Who will be teaching this course and what is their experience?

The primary facilitator for this course is Steph Wall. Steph owns and teaches at The Kali Collective Yoga Studio in Glasgow, UK and has over 3000 hours of experience. She has almost 1000 hours of training and has taken many workshops to further her growth over the past 8 years. 


I want to complete the entire training but can’t attend either Module 1 or Module 2, how can I receive the Yoga Teacher Training Certificate?

Both modules must be completed to receive your certificate. If you are able to attended only module one, perhaps because you live outside of the UK, please let Steph know. If there is a high enough demand a second Module 2 may be arranged in an intensive style to allow accommodate those who live out of Glasgow. 


How I do I register?

There will be an application to complete before you will be accepted into the program. The intention with this is to make sure this training is the right fit for you! Please download this application and return to steph@stephwallyoga.com

Once you application is accepted you will be notified by Steph and you will then receive further details. 


What will the accommodation be like during the immersion?

Our 8 day immersion will be hosted at the beautiful Lendrick Lodge. Students will be staying in shared accommodation. You will be roomed with either one or two other people. Some rooms are ensuite and those that are not have a bathroom very near. Single rooms are available for and additional £120 for the 10 days. Please let Steph know right away as single rooms are limited. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided during the immersion. Vegan and wheat free options are available for a small fee and all food will be vegetarian.