The following information is for those of you completing Module 2 in Scotland

Module 2 required readings

Please note these do NOT need to be purchased if you are attending the 100 hour Immersions only (ie. You are not becoming a yoga teacher).

6. Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

7. Teaching Yoga by Donna Farhi

  • Please read this book prior to Module 2 beginning



In order to receive your certificate you must:

  • pass a practical assessment (to be done on the last day of training)

  • pass a final exam (to be done on the training)

  • all non contact hours are complete

  • any sessions missed are made up in private sessions with Steph

  • Complete the practicum (during or after the training - see below)

  • Healthy body and mind. No unmanaged physical and psychological conditions that Steph believes could lead to unsafe teaching of future students or damage to self. 

Practicum - You must complete your Practicum to receive your certificate. This can be done either after module 2 or during if you can manage. Here are the requirements:

  1. Teach five 60 minute vinyasa classes to friends and family

  2. Each class must follow the class planning worksheet. I should be able to easily make sense of your class.

  3. You must receive feedback from your peers. Please fill out and return the practicum assessment sheet for each class.