Steph Wall Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
Yoga for me is connection. It’s a way of connecting to myself, connecting to spirit, connecting to others, connecting to food, connecting to the way I speak, to the way I listen. To everything”
— Steph Wall

Steph has a passion for empowering others through the tradition of yoga. She is the owner of The Kali Collective Yoga Studio in Glasgow and runs 200 hour yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats all over the world. Steph has over 500 hours of training, primarily with her teacher Julia McCabe and has spent many hours training with physiotherapists to grow her knowledge of anatomy. Steph has a strong focus on the philosophy and traditions of yoga while infusing her studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy healing. It is clear from spending time with Steph that her greatest teachers are her friends, family, students and the lessons she has received from spending years traveling. Steph used all the tools from her trainings and experience to deliver a strong, introspective, loving vinyasa class. 

Steph is registered as a 500 E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.

Getting to know Steph Wall

Steph was 19 when she was first introduced to yoga. She was a Psychology student at a university in Canada and describes herself as "a complete mess" and so stressed out her hair was falling out.  And unhappy.  She was invited by a friend to go to a yoga class and, there, found something quiet and peaceful that changed the crazy stressed person she had become. 

Steph was recently interviewed by the Founder of Scapa Fest  where she shared her personal experiences, most unforgettable yoga moments and her approach to teaching Yoga.  You can read the full interview here.

You can also get to know Steph Wall through her facebook page and on Instagram where she posts regularly and shares with her community special offers and news about upcoming courses and workshops.