6 Things that made me a better yoga instructor, and person. - Elephant Journal Article

There are a few things I’ve learned since I began teaching two years ago that have helped me become a better teacher and person. As with most things in Yoga, the person I am in the studio extends far after the 75 minutes is over. The parallels between who I am as a teacher and my dorky self outside of yoga, are staggering.

1)  Drop the yoga voice. It seemed to me that all yoga teachers had this beautiful soothing voice. The semi sexy tone as they drew out words like relaaaaax or inhaaale and exhhaaaaalleeeeeeee. I assumed people would much rather hear a softer, more relaxed voice as I sing songed them through a sequence over my naturally excited, energetic squeak. But I didn’t realize the disconnection I was creating between me and my students as I gave my best performance as a Yoga Instructor. As I made connections with my students I started to drop the voice and use my own. I used my own vocabulary and spoke with my unsexy, high pitched voice, dropping the fake drawl and words I would never normally use and replaced them with more appropriate adjective such as “shit”.  I spoke naturally and thus connected my words more authentically. It’s safe to yoga teacher sexy drawl, but it’s not real.