Why I'm Running a Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat

There are a million Yoga retreats out there popping up left, right and centre all over the world.  Many incredible teachers with unparalleled offerings have begun creating these yoga getaways and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a wee bit apprehensive jumping into this new pool. With so many fantastic options, especially within my own community, I knew if I were to begin retreats it would have to be something so unique with a purpose I was so passionate about to even think about running one myself. Which is when I met Paula.

The idea of running retreats have always been a crazy dream of mine because -well let’s be honest, yoga gave my life purpose and the idea of sharing that to others, in combination of my other passion, travel, is just too good to be true (To hear my story, check this blog out!). I knew I had a lot to offer to intensify a student’s yoga practice but I was waiting for something to make a retreat a creation I was so damn passionate about, it would be wrong for me not to do it. I never knew that while doing A LOT of self healing and personal development, my dream was slowly being realized. It was through my healing that I came to know Paula Woodward, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is when the fire was lit.

My first session with Paula absolutely blew me away. After 30 minutes of chatting and another 30 minutes of Paula reading my pulse, she knew more about me than my closest friends. She knew all about my past, the emotional baggage I was holding on to and the issues in my body and my heart that were holding me back from living as my highest self. I was definitely weirded out when she picked up on very specific things from my past and current state but at that point was when I realized I had to stop trying to understand and just surrender and trust.  There is no hiding with Paula, and there really is no reason to hide. She offers such a warm, compassionate, empathetic energy that I literally felt much better just from our chat. From this initial consultation, combined with her natural, but well practiced intuition, she then easily came up with a game plan for the next hour and our following sessions.

Acupuncture, herbs, cupping, finding out food sensitivities, and chats with Paula, were what gave me back control over my body. After only a few session, I was able to have the first nights’ sleep in years, an issue that plagued me since I was a child. My digestion was back in order and the insane amount of tension in my back, shoulders and neck was released. More than anything though, the needles brought me to the most beautiful meditative state every single time, leaving me much less stressed with daily life. Paula’s presence in itself was healing, to have someone really acknowledge and understand you is more therapeutic that you might think. Paula’s talent, is pure magic. I knew right away that combining Paula’s skill and the power of yoga would be a mind blowing, transformational experience for anyone.

Two intensely creative and passionate girls together, is both dangerous and magnificent. Within one or two chats, Elements & Alchemy was born. A Yoga and Acupuncture Retreat intended to dig deep, really deep, into that place beyond thelayers, the stories, the excuses, the beliefs and straight into YOU. The real you, the most pure, raw and beautiful version of you.

It really is beyond belief how aligned the two of us are, and the creativity, inspiration and laughs that happen in each other’s presence, really is a gift. We had a solid vision. It was just a matter of going through the ropes to figure out how to execute our retreat properly. So we got clear on our message and intention and from there, figured out what pieces needed to be put together.

First off, why do a retreat at all and not just do our thing separately in Kelowna? After TCM and Yoga affected both of our lives immensely, we believe in the power of brining these two eastern modalities of living and healing together. The combination of the two has some serious power, both Paula and I know this from experience. We wanted to recreate what we went through for you. So we decided that the most effective way of executing this
was to take it somewhere we could work our magic in for a longer length of time without interruption. An environment that would allow all of us to unplug for a while and really drop in to dig deep.

We chose Mexico because we were certain of wanting our retreat to be held at Los Naranjos Resort, in Yelapa. Straight into the jungle. The perfect place to get grounded, nourished with beautiful food and connect to the elements as you take your journey into you without the interruption of work, social media, text messaging, etc. (although wifi is availble at Los Naranjos if needed!) This location offers the opportunity to nestle into the tress and beside the water as we take a step back from ou busy lives and connect. To nature, each other, and ourselves.

So that is what Paula and I have created. A week long journey to Yelapa, Mexico for two yoga classes a day and several acupuncture sessions. The morning vinyasa (flow/power) yoga classes will be digging deep into areas you might not experience in studios, such as pranayama (breath work), mantra and philosophy. The evening yin classes will give us the opportunity to find a deeper stretch and enjoy meditation. We are also combining the philosophies of meridians and yoga poses into a three hour
workshop. We believe in giving space to really experience the freedom someone may need, so there will be lots of time throughout the day to enjoy the beach, waterfall, hikes, naps etc.

Now all we need is you. The journey has been created and our offerings are ready. Get To The Point has been a creation from love and passion and our intention will never deviate away from that. We are not trying to fix, change, or heal anybody. We want to enhance and elevate what is already there deep inside. We want to help polish you up to expose your higher self, that’s already there waiting to shine. Everything has lined up for the two of us to co-create this experience and now all we need are people willing to take the journey to their higher self. Let us show you how.