The following information is for those of you completing Module 2 in Scotland

Module 2 required readings

Please note these do NOT need to be purchased if you are attending the 100 hour Immersions only (ie. You are not becoming a yoga teacher).

6. Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

7. Teaching Yoga by Donna Farhi

  • Please read this book prior to Module 2 beginning

8. Please have available the following PDF by Mark Stephen.



Welcome to your Physical Anatomy Course by Bo Lian! 

Please follow these steps

  1. Have your anatomy manual with you.

  2. For each anatomy chapter, there are corresponding videos for you to watch. Please download them from my dropbox account. 

These are PDF's of the video slides for you to have on hand should you wish to have them.

3. Fill in your anatomy manual as your watch the videos.

4. We will go over the manual together in class.

Please note: Ignore any references to muscle sheets, I have taken them out of the course! This course can seem overwhelming but we will go over everything together during your training.

Please remember this material is intended for YTT. All material is for your use only. Module material and passwords are not to be shared. 

Have fun! 


In order to receive your certificate you must:

  • pass a practical assessment (to be done on the last day of training)

  • pass a final exam (to be done on the training)

  • all non contact hours are complete

  • any sessions missed are made up in private sessions with Steph

  • Complete the practicum (during or after the training - see below)

  • Healthy body and mind. No unmanaged physical and psychological conditions that Steph believes could lead to unsafe teaching of future students or damage to self. 

Practicum - You must complete your Practicum to receive your certificate. This can be done either after module 2 or during if you can manage. Here are the requirements:

  1. Teach five 60 minute vinyasa classes to friends and family

  2. Each class must follow the class planning worksheet. I should be able to easily make sense of your class.

  3. You must receive feedback from your peers. Please fill out and return the practicum assessment sheet for each class.