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What is the core? All teachers will answer this differently but I believe the core is much more than just your "6 pack abs". It's important for us to have a strong core which requires a toning and strengthening in the front, sides and back of our centre. In this short video we will be working on the muscles that surround the spine to help you feel strong, steady and stable! This video is also great for anyone that may have back pain but please be mindful to take it slow and modify where you need to so you can feel strong and healthy in your body!



This one is for everyone with a busy, hectic life... Take your practice where you are: at home, in an airport lounge, your hotel room or in a cottage by the sea on a weekend break! 

You don't need much time at all to get into your body and feel better physically and mentally - Steph Wall

"I often get asked for tips and tricks on how to fit yoga into a busy day. It really is simple, you don't need much time at all to get into your body and feel better physically and mentally. Doing even a few minutes of yoga is better than nothing. So find a quiet space and enjoy this quick 25 minute vinyasa yoga flow in the comfort of your own home!"



Whatever your level, beginners or advanced, Steph Wall, The Kali Collective owner and principal teacher, takes you through the basics of Sun Salutation A and B.

It's really important to do these poses with integrity and proper alignment - Steph Wall

I get asked all the time how to properly do a sun salutation A and B, so here you have it deconstructed! We do this sequence many times over in a vinyasa class, so it's really important to do this poses with integrity and proper alignment! This video is great if you're a beginner but also useful to get back to the basics if you've been practicing for a while.



What do your mornings look like? What would your ideal morning look like? How do you start your day? Discover's Steph Wall Gentle Morning Yoga Flow, to help you kickstart your day! 

"My favourite time to practice is first thing in the morning to start my day. This helps me get into my body and acknowledge how I'm showing up, physically and mentally on that day. Here are some of my favourite yoga poses to do first thing in the morning. It's a slow, sweet vinyasa practice full of love to get you excited and energised for your day!"




Investing in rest is a key element of living a balanced life. Steph Wall speaks about our own evening rituals, and takes you through a gentle evening yoga flow to help you create the best foundation for sleep.

"People often ask me which poses are best to do before bed. Well, here are a few of my favourites! I often have troubles falling asleep but I find a short yoga practice before bed really helps me get into my body and ready for my rest. So grab yourself a cup of sleepy time tea, get the lights nice and low, turn off your phone and enjoy preparing yourself for a lovely rest."