100 hour Vinyasa Intensive

This 100 hour immersion is designed to cater for those who want to deepen their existing practice and understanding of yoga.   It will cover so much self development you won't know what hit you - yoga philosophy, subtle anatomy, ayurveda, history, mindfulness and a whole lot of physical yoga practice. 

This Vinyasa Intensive is open to anyone and, as it also makes up the first 100 hours of my Yoga Teacher Training course, it's the most advanced Vinyasa course I offer.  

The training provides a yogic path towards conscious, mindful living. It is through a deep devotion, to the teachings of yoga and to the self and through staying humble and grounded that we receive the vast, rich offerings that yoga has to teach us. 

The 2018 and 2019 Scotland Intensive was fully booked so I am now creating a waitlist for 2020. Please contact me if you are interested or you can register by clicking the button here:

Perfect for you if...

The intensive is a significant investment of your time, money and energy so it’s important that you are sure this is what you would like to do.   To help you, I have learnt from previous students that this course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to deepen your existing practice and understanding of Yoga

  • You want to understand more about yourself

  • You have practiced long enough to know that you are serious about learning yoga at such an advanced level

  • You have at least the foundations of Vinyasa in your practice

  • You want to enhance your practice and deepen into yourself

A Passion for Vinyasa

The 100 hour intensive will be taught by me, Steph Wall.  I understand how important it is to feel completely safe and comfortable on this type of immersion so I am here to answer any of your questions or concerns as you consider your options.  All you need to do is click here and we can arrange to talk.

In the meantime, here is a bit about my practice…

I own and teach at The Kali Collective Yoga Studio in Glasgow, UK and have over 3000 hours of experience. I am working towards completing 1000 hours of training and, like you, continually take workshops to further my growth.  I work consistently with leaders in yoga, personal growth, anatomy and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help expand myself into being the best teacher I can be.

You can also get to know me better through Facebook and Instagram.

Vinyasa Intensive: Course Structure

The course is a 7 day intensive to dive deep into the teachings of yoga. Each day includes a 2-3 hour practice followed by a day of lessons. The morning practice is rooted in Vinyasa and includes meditation, pranayama (breath work) and asana (physical practice). The afternoon lessons cover topics such yoga philosophy, history and subtle anatomy.

Students have the opportunity to dive deep into self study and leave having learned all about yoga and its roots, how to apply it to everyday life and a deeper understanding of the self. 

Students will be staying in shared accommodation. You will be roomed with either one, two or three other people. Some rooms are ensuite and those that are not have a bathroom very near. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided during the immersion. Vegan and wheat free options are available for a small fee and all food will be vegetarian. 


Please see specific Vinyasa Intensives for exact prices.